See Better Ski Better™ Anti-fog Double Layers Snow Goggles

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Hit the slope in style with these stunning double layer snow goggles 


Key Features & Benefits 

  • Our goggles use Fusion Double Lens Technology that eliminates fogging, reflection while the increasing field of vision. Then Stereo, multi-layer treatment, adds contrast while protecting your eyes from glare and fatigue. 
  • The goggles are incredibly comfy: the large frame features Atomic's Live Fit, self-adapting triple-layer face foam for a totally custom fit,
  • Adaptive Tri-Layer Face Foam: Standard face foam with a quick-drying fabric layer next-to-skin that instantly molds to your face, for an individual fit straight out of the box,

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  • Cylindrical Fusion Double Lens (FDL): This next-generation cylindrical double-lens uses lamination instead of an additional foam layer which means 15% larger field of vision, no refractions, reflections or fogging,
  • 8x Anti-Fog Inner Lens (AC): The inner lens of all FDL lenses offer up to 8x more anti-fog properties than industry standards, withstanding fogging over 240 seconds in controlled lab tests (vs the standard 30-second test),
  • Silicone-Coated Strap: This coating on the inside of the straps means they don't slide around or ride up,

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  • Supreme Anti-Scratch Outer Lens (PC): Hard coating on the outer lens with excellent anti-scratch properties so you'll always have a clear view,
  • Wear Over Glasses (OTG): our Ski Goggles features an OTG (over glasses) design that lets you wear your glasses under the goggles,
  • A perfect addition to your next trip to the mountains,
  • VLT (Visible Light Transmission) Reference Scope: 

VLT 0-10% - For sunny days 
VLT 10-25% - For partially clouded to sunny days 
VLT 25-60% - For cloudy days and dusk 
VLT 60-90% - For night and heavily clouded days 


Goggles Care Instructions

  • Release the "comma" lock of ski goggles.
  • put the bag on your hand like a glove, then hold your goggle in your left hand, grab the frame with your right hand, pull it up.

Maintenance Instructions

  • Wipe the outer lens with the pouch gently, if the outer lens get dirty, 
  • Do not wipe the inner lens which will invalidate the anti-fog function,
  • Keep the goggle in the pouch or box instead of facing it on the ground.

Package includes

  • 1 * Ski Goggle
  • 1 * Goggle Bag