Distance Bracelets for Couples and Best Friend

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Distance bracelets were created for easing the toughness of long-distance relationships.

They allow those apart, to feel connected. Distance and time apart from someone can be hard, but no matter who and where they are, let your girlfriend, boyfriend, mom, daughter, sister, friend, or anyone know you have a piece of them with you at all times. You will receive two bracelets.

Inspired by the brilliant father of geometry, Euclid of Alexandria, this delightful couple's distance bracelet is an overwhelming celebration of periphery and symmetry. Minimalist yet dauntless, effortless yet lavish. The beads are crafted to excellence in strong vibrant hues of ivory white and obsidian black. Relish in pristine natural beaded stones where infinite luster and supreme texture devour. LIMITED EDITION, perfectly designed for couples.


  • 7.48" or 19cm stretchable in length
  • 2 piece set white and black breathtakingly well-crafted essential precious stones 
  • Extremely tenacious, solid and powerhouse element that lays beautifully on the wrist

The secret jewelry and symbolism of unity for distant couples, this scratch-resistant bracelet is the key to long-lasting relationships. Fashioned to glamor your wrist and easily adds a gorgeous splendor to any outfit.