Warmest Waterproof Touch Screen Snowboard Gloves

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Ski season is just around the corner! 

Our new Ski & Snowboard Glove is one of the toughest, most technologically advanced, best insulated, premium gloves on the market. 


key Features & Benefits

  • Extra Thermal Protection: made of premium PU leather and combine an additional waterproof membrane inside the glove, which keep your hands warm and dry on winter walks, skiing, snowboarding, riding, cycling, climbing, skating,
  • Highly ergonomic and supreme comfort to ensure a flawless, luxurious experience. Top rated by critics, you will be a king on the slopes with your new gloves!
  • Premium Insulation: Warm yet breathable, the premium insulation makes for a snug comfortable, warm fit. Yet staying breathable. Even while you're body temperature rises during exercise the excess heat will dissipate through the gloves,
  • Waterproof & windproof: Adjustable pull straps at the wrist ensure a secure fit overcoat and jacket sleeves and keep out the wind. Longer cuffs with drawstring closure can also be tightened for dual wind chill protection.
  • Touchscreen-enabled: The ability to use your phone while keeping your gloves on is a game-changer. No longer do you need to fumble with your gloves to check your messages!
  • Credit Card Holder: our glove features a cardholder so you can leave your bulky wallet in the cabin!
  • The perfect fit - flexible and lightweight and designed to offer the perfect fit on your hands,
  • Anti-slip grip - for the best grip of the handlebars even when wet,
  • Stylish: Wear these gloves with confidence! The unique, cool design is definitely worthy to be shown off!

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Say goodbye to your shaky, cold hands. Stay warm this winter with our Waterproof Touch Screen Gloves

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Package includes

  • 1 pair * Skiing gloves 
  • Equipped with one pair of gloves holder wristbands, in case of gloves lost when taking off the gloves.